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Welcome to Girls Who Surf, the surfing resource for surfer girls and women surfers.

This site is dedicated to the wonderful and intoxicating sport that is surfing and the many surfer girls and women out there that gracefully glide among the waves finding a peace within their souls that only surfing can uncover.

We love surfing because it is an art as well as a sport. We love surfing because it is a sport that does not match an athlete to to another athlete...surfing is a match between a humbled surfer and the great Mother Earth.

We hope that you like our collection of surfing articles, surf resources, girl surfer pictures, and valuable surfing information and find them to be helpful and inspiring to you. May you find all you are looking for among the waves, mahalo surfer girls!

Girls Who Surf has many sections. Don't forget to check out our Surfer Girls Blog and browse our Girls Surf Shop!

Start Surfing

Learn about surfing, the history of surfing, womens surfers and more in our Start Surfing section

Women Surfers

Learn about women surfers. Don't miss our womens surfer list!

Surfing Equipment

Learn about surfing equipment and what you need for surfing. By the way, we have a large selection of surfing equipment in our surf shop

Surfing Safety

Learn about surfing safety and surf safely in our surfing safety section

Surfing Beaches

Learn about surfing beaches and beaches around the world in our surfing beaches section

Surfing Skincare

It is important to take care of your skin! Surfing in the hot sun can be tough, but our skincare tips can give you the protection you need

Surfing Fitness

Surfing is a great exercise! Learn about Surfing Fitness and everything you need to keep in shape!

Surfing Lifestyle

Great articles on surfing, surfing lingo, surfing lists, guitar tablatures and other surfing suprises

Surfing Schools

Learn about surfing schools and check out our extensive list!

Surfing Resources

Our ever growing surfing resource list! Surfing books, movies, magazines, websites, surfing schools and the like can be found here!

If you like surfing, you may be interested in kiteboarding. Learn more about Kiteboarding today.

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