About me

Surfing is one of the most exciting and most thrilling activity of a life one could ever have. To surf a might, wave calls for stronger hearts with the will to risk and conquer the great water. Surfing is done as a hobby and also professionally as a sport. For girls who surf, this is one activity that give them courage and self-esteem.

My name is Sophie Reed rough, Age 29. I am a Surfer Instructor from England with year of experience in the surfing industry. I love and enjoy training my fellow girls to surf so as to give them something to enjoy and live for. Surfing as a girl is more than just a fun or professional activity. It is more of building a strong character and personality in girls who surf. This being more of a male activity it calls for the strong willed girls with an adventurous spirit to conquer the great swell of the world.

I have trained girls to surf, from those who just enjoy surfing in their spare time as a hobby and professionally. Training is done from the basics of how to get started with surfing, preparation before surfing and all that one needs to learn how to surf. Learning also includes the best places to surf, and safety check before heading out to surf. For those girls looking to start surfing, there are articles that will guide you becoming a professional surfer.