Girls Who Love to Surf!

About Surfer Girls

Let's Surf Baby! Surfing is such a natural and soulful sport that I fell in love with it when I was just a child. The best thing about surfing of course is that it requires the ocean, the most miraculous and wonderful place on earth to be. There is no greater peace then to sit atop a surfboard with the waves rolling and crashing around you, watching a sunset or sunrise. Surfing is so much more then a sport, it is an art.

Everything about surfing is intoxicating...the sound of the ocean, the exhileration of catching a huge wave or surfing pipe, the feel of the water as it sprays your skin, the wind as it caresses your skin and carries with it the scent of pineapple and coconut, the warmth of the sun that seems to shine through to your heart making you glow all over. If I could compare surfing to anything else in the world I would say that surfing is what I imagine flying to feel like.

Surfing gives you a sense of exhileration, peace, happiness, and freedom. Just close your eyes in quiet contentment, fill your lungs with life giving air, dangle your fingers lovingly in the ocean, and say in a whisper "home". Now you know the joy of surfing.

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