For the girls who surf, this becomes the only activity capable of taking you around the world in search of the of the greatest wave to conquer. It is however, advisable not to go anywhere looking for any tidal wave or beach breaks, without consulting or doing your research. Here are the top 10 cities where one can get the best surfing experience.

1. Hossegor, france.
This is a town located 40 miles north of the fancier in the heartland of European surfing. It is a dream of surfing fantasies for most Europeans. The beach just a fee bike trails mile away from the town center brings to life the epic frequency of swell and offshore winds create a hub for world surfers. Its wave-swells may go up from 8 to 20 foot.

2. Tel Aviv, Israel
Israel is well known for its significant religious value and history. What you don’t know about Israel is that is a hub for suffers with an adventurous spirit. Tel Aviv is the place where it all happens. Tel Aviv is a cosmopolitan city and well known for the vibrant beach scenes with surfing high waves all year round. It is a place pack-up with holiday makers in the summers 24-7 and later all year surfing. The best time for hard core and fun surfing is in November to March.

3. Hainan island, china
Well, we know the current china as an economic superpower, manufacturing anything and everything that can be manufacture in the world. However, here is a little surprise, it has one of the best beaches in the world for surfing…at Hainan island. Hainan island is a town at the southern part of china, best described as a nascent. Instigated by the weather and wind pattern on the south china sea, its waves are consistent and best for surfing from November to April.

4. Bukit Bali, Indonesia
Indonesia is a place with beautiful endless beaches, and ocean fronts surround this great nation. it is a hub for surfers and honeymooners. Some towns have better surfing beach breaks than others. Bali, Bukit town for instant is a rural outpost of pristine beaches and treacherous reef breaks which hold some of the world greatest surfers. When looking out to surf in Bali, be there around May to September.

5. Maresias sao Sebastian brazil
Maresias town remains one of the best holiday destination in brazil. The first world champion of surf was in brazil so that tell much about the nation and the town. It is well known for its biodiversity, rich natural habitat and surfing beaches for intermediate and expert surfers. It also gives two seasons for goo surfing. That is march to May and august to October

6. Algarve, Portugal
Algarve, is a town for the surfing party with the best waves ever rolling from west and south. Algarve is found in the south of Portugal. It a surfing hub that attracts social and professional expert surfers all year round.

7. Waikiki,Hawaii
Waikiki is the legendary town where all most everyone who hasn’t, longs to go and surf the endless waves of the wide long beaches. At Waikiki Hawaii is where you find all kinds of surfer both professional intermediates, beginners and kids surfers trying out this exiting thrill. Waikiki, Hawaii beaches are best for surfing in May and June or September and October.

8. Cornwall, England
Cornwall peninsula is located on the southwestern tip of England and compromised hamlet, strong youthful energy and an ever growing surfing culture. Cornwall has swelling wave and significantly huge tidal winds which may call for professional surfers only. However, from September to February all surfers can get the best swells.

9. Margaret river, Australia
Margaret river is the biggest town in western Australia’s southwest corner with the best quality open ocean for surfing lovers. Its swells are also known for professional or surfers under instruct due to its raw waves and powerful reef breaks. Here the beaches are good for surfing in autumn and spring.

10. Muizenberg, south Africa
Africa hold one of the best town with a lovely beach front with heavy waves, that is Muizenberg in south Africa. Muizenberg is also known for surfing with sharks in the coldest of ocean water which attracts surfers with the most adventurous spirits. Though all types of surfers are protected by the shark spotter, the idea of surfing in a shark pull attracts most surfers to the adventure. Here surfing is all year round.



Surfing is an art that can be learnt by anyone no matter the sex orientation or cultural background. Surfing in the past was perceived as a male sport. Well, that mind set is no longer valid. Girls can be as better as guys out in the swelling ocean waves. All they need to do is get a good background head start in surfing to become experience and well informed on this thrilling sport.

Surfing is a sport that bring one closer to nature and directly impacts on the personal physique. It also constitutes to frequent traveling in search of the best swell and locations thus creating a lifetime of memories. Surfing is one of the activities and sport that is practiced in the oceans and seas. It is a water surface sport that surfers enjoy the sliding on the swelling waves directing them to the shores. Thus, it is always vital to study the direction of the wave not to be in trouble. This is more practiced where waves and water tides are common. Those that are fond of this has developed it and practices it as a sport. From the ancient times girls were not allowed to do sports and more so engage in surfing either as a hobby or profession. Time has changed though and it has incorporated all genders making girls also participants in the game.

As a hobby surfing is a dangerous game for starter girls. They need to have a supporting or trainers in order to enjoy their free time surfing. Usually the strength of a wave will determine the kind of person surfing and also it’s good that the starters know it is dangerous and that are likely to drown in water.

Practice makes perfect and it is from becoming a hobby that girls who would like to continue with the game start getting serious and ready to go on. As a professional sport for girls surfing will require a fresh mind, a courageous attitude and a hard-working individual. Maneuvering in between waves is not a game to like anyway but the go getters girls will easily make it through. As a sport that has been male dominant girls can easily succeed within their category.

Today, surfing as a girl is unique and prestigious and today there are more girls catching the wave like never before. These thrilling experience unlike many other type of sports and fun packed activities call for good preparation before hand

Preparation: what you need
Getting started with surfing will first require girls who are willing and able to commit to the surfing culture. With the risky factor being high, those finding it as hobby or a profession are welcome to participate. Girls who like this sport need to be flexible, average weight and a quick thinker. This will help them in making themselves light weight for the wave to slide on and keep balance between total concentration and body weight.

In preparing for this type of sport, the attire needs to be light and tight to the body this helps it not to add any weight or inconvenience while surfing. If need be there are water proof goggles to help in visibility and hinder direct light reflection. If the girl’s hair won’t be affected by water she can make it tight and hold it at the back or else wear the accompanying head gear. If you are familiar with the surface water always consult the resident or surfing guide to avoid accidents. Surfing on deep water accumulate a strong wave compared to other soft and shallow waters. Girls you should always be aware.

However, when going to a surf school most preparation is advised by instructors.

The first requirement here is a surfing board. This is depending with the choice of the surfer and how best she has been used to it. How and which technique are you used to? This answers the question depending with the type of surfing she is convenient with, also the style. It could be standing, knee, or body surfing without even a surfboard. Surfing girls will always be needed to be good swimmers. This will help them not only to save their lives but they can rescue a friend in need or drowning.

When learning surfing it is also very important to look after your body and health. This is where nutrition comes in make sure you are eating a well balanced healthy diet you need to keep your muscles and joints strong. Sports supplements are also a great way to get your extra vitamins and minerals in to keep your body fighting fit for the waves ahead. If you are not already a member of a gym then you should definitely consider signing up to one taking the time to work on balanced muscle strengthening activities in between surf sessions, and making sure that you warm up first and cool down afterwards, can reduce the risk of injury and keep you fit enough to surf.

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