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Friday, December 15, 2006

Surfing Mums Press Release

Statistically at least 90% of all women who surf will at some stage become a mother. Being a mother and a surfer yields its own unique set of challenges. Mums are committed to a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week job. There is no time to surf before a job or after, they canaEUR(tm)t jump in for a quick surf while the baby is asleep or sneak off while they are playing contentedly on the sand. The double drama is as a surfer they all tend to be beach people so suddenly mums are down on the beach while the surf is perfect and canaEUR(tm)t go for a surf. Suddenly mums have so much more time than they did before and they canaEUR(tm)t use it to surf! So surfing mums have to come up with some creative ways to make sure they still get plenty of water time while still being full time careers of their children. They often have many friends who surf but donaEUR(tm)t have children; they need other surfing mums who understand their needs as a surfer and as a mum. They need a mum that wants to surf as much as they did before they had kids. A partnership that makes sure instead of the occasional surf, they surf everyday. Mothers who can swap aEUR~beach sittingaEUR(tm) times with the kids on the beach while one of them get to surf, and vis versa. So surfing mums was born! Surfing mums is a network of mums who surf that can call on each other during the week and set up beach sitting sessions with the kids. The group meets once a month to make new friends and to get to know each other while the web page provides a space where meeting times can be posted and group news shared. At the moment surfing mums exists only in Byron Bay, Australia but the dream of the founder Vanessa Thompson is for there to be a surfing mums network in every place where mums surf. The webpage has been set up so that each location can advertise their group meetings and mums can share news about the distinctive challenges of being a surfing mum. Please contact if you are interested in setting up a group in your area.

Surf Mom says Girls Surf Better Then Boys

See this great post from a surfer mom:

No surfing is not just for guys and there is increasingly more woman who take pleasure in and even excel at surfing. Those women who practice this amazing activity say that it is a magnificent means for relaxation, for getting in touch with their inner self and reconnecting with their spirituality. Riding the waves also makes one feel that they are one with nature. Let me say here when you are waiting on and watching the colossal waves from a hurricane that is perhaps over 100 miles distant you will totally recognize the supremacy of Mother Nature.(Note here she is called Mother Nature, not Father Nature)

Read the rest !

Demi's New Promotional Video

Women's Pipeline Pro

The Women's Pipeline Pro is scheduled to run March 1 to 14 at the Banzai Pipeline, although contest officials are still seeking a title sponsor for the event.

The contest features divisions for shortboard surfing, longboard surfing and bodyboarding. It is the only women's contest held at the famous Pipeline break.


Salty Girls

Salty Girls Surfer Products

Have you seen these awesome products developed specifcally for female surfers?! Salty Girls is a health and beauty inspired line of shampoos, salves, lip balms, lotions, sun screens, and gear cleaners. They are very refreshing.

One product that I especially like is the Body Ding Repair , which acts like natural neosporin for cuts and abrasions. Ingredients? Soybean oil, Comfrey, Calendula, Beeswax, Essential oils of Tea Tree and Lavender. Oh so natural and oh so nice!

And for that sun and salt water exposed hair try their Surfer's Shampoo with shea nut oil, stinging nettle, and that funky plant horsetail - all of these moisturize, strengthen and totally improve the quality of ocean-damaged hair.

Sports Illustrated Finds Surfers Sexy

Sports Illustrated Magazine recently featured 20 hot female athletes. Two of them are surfers!

Check it out to see Veronika Kay and Tara Dakides.

Pura Vida Adventures In Costa Rica

Pura Vida Adventures a surf camp for women located in the seaside village of Malpais, Costa Rica, announces a new home closer to their favorite surf break at the Swiss-owned boutique hotel, The Place.

The resort features stylish bungalows and a relaxing atmosphere, completing the Pura Vida Adventures experience. For the active gal yearning to get away from it all but wanting her downtown gal amenities, Pura Vida Adventures - set along the lush Pacific coast - offers just the right place to relax, unwind and embrace the vitality of the adventure of learning to surf.

Escaping the urban jungle for the subtropical jungles and famed surf-breaks of Malpais, Costa Rica, expert and not-so-experienced surfers are transformed by the magical and tranquil atmosphere of the ambient oasis of Malpais during their week-long surf adventure. Surfers set out for daily surf lessons with Pura Vida Adventure's instructors, who bring infectious energy and a hands-on personal approach to teaching beginners to surf, and enhancing the experienced surfer's skills.

Surfers embrace the peace and tranquility of daily yoga at sunrise or sunset, and a one-hour massage; activities designed to keep each surfer balanced, flexible and aware. Three fabulously cooked meals nourish the gourmet in each surf diva. The days while at Pura Vida Adventures wind down to relaxing poolside at The Place, with all the amenities a downtown girl could ask for, including an introductory Spanish lesson.

As the evenings heat up, bonfires, BBQ's and the sultry Tropicana Salsa night beckon. Downtime activities include snorkeling through coral reefs, and hiking the nature reserve.

With the philosophy of offering expert surf instruction in a cultural setting with a wellness component, Pura Vida is noted as an enriched experience that literally changes the lives of the women who seek out the simple 'Pure Life' characteristic of Pura Vida Adventures. The experience entices a surfer's inner child to play in Costa Rican waters, learning to surf in a supportive, inspired environment.

Featured in the The New York Times, Vogue and The Miami Herald, Pura Vida Adventures was founded by Tierza Davis, a seasoned traveler who ended up turning a global surf adventure into Pura Vida Adventures, establishing one of the most thriving, and authentic surf camps for women in Costa Rica.

Several times throughout the year, Pura Vida Adventures extends a co-ed invitation to a surf diva's male cohort, such as the celebrated New Year's Eve ten-day camp. The Pura Vida Adventure surf safari is a six-day, seven night camp. Rates start at $1540 per week for a shared bungalow, or $1780 per week for a private bungalow. The cost of the surf safari includes accommodations, food, surf instruction, massage, daily yoga, private Spanish lesson, salsa lesson, and daily outings.

About Pura Vida Adventures
Pura Vida Adventures was founded by surfer Tierza Davis to introduce women to the magical sport of surfing in a culturally rich location. A world traveler and self-described 'water girl,' Tierza found an undeniable connection with the Costa Rican people and culture. She has created these camps to introduce women to the Costa Rican 'Pura Vida.' Literal translation: Life is good. Pura Vida Adventures is the pure life, with a focus on expert instruction for women learning to surf. Tierza found the meaning of 'Pura Vida,' and, inspired to share it with others, opened Pura Vida Adventures in 2003.

Surf Lesson - Belmar, NJ

Trust and Finley (twins) have their first surf lesson with Shaun McGrath of SummerTimeSurf. Check out for more info.
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