Girls Board Socks and Day Bags

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More Board Socks and Day Bags:

It is very essential to keep your surf boards in good condition. After all, having spent a lot of money to purchase your surfboard, you need to take care of the board as carefully as possible. When not stored or transported properly, the surfboard can easily get scratched. Since the surface of the board needs to be smooth for the best performance, any scratch or ding on the surface can reduce the performance characteristics of the board considerably. The surface of the surfboard is usually covered with a clear lamination that protects the foam inside. Once the outer coating is damaged, the inner foam gets exposed to the atmosphere and dampness which can easily damage the foam core of the board. Therefore, it is essential to preserve the board by taking extreme care while storing or transporting the board.

Board socks are a very good aid in helping you protect your board and keeping it in good condition. Since the sock slips over the entire board just as a normal sock slips over the foot and protects it, it helps protect the surfboard from any kind of damage. The delicate surface of the surfboard is especially well protected when covered with board socks. When the surfboard is placed atop the car, the socks can prevent both the surface of the board as well as the car from getting scratched.

Day bags are also extremely useful in helping you cart your surfing accessories safely to the beach and back home intact and in one piece. Not everyone has a home right on the shore of the beach. Most people need to travel long distances with their surfing accessories to get to the beach. Day bags would surely come very much in handy on such occasions.