Girls Body and Skimboards

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More Body and Skimboards:

Skimboards are relatively shorter surfboards that have a board length, which reaches about mid-chest height when the board is stood on end. The thickness of the board ranges from 3/8ths of an inch to one inch although sometimes it depends on the materials used in the construction pf the board. Some boards even have a thickness up to 2 inches, especially the high-flotation foam core boards as well as soft boards.

Since skim boards are relatively cheap to fabricate, these are the type of boards most preferred for beginners who don't want to invest much on their first board. These boards come with three types of rockers - the constant rocker, the hybrid rocker and the traditional rocker. The constant rocker has a constant curve from tail to nose, which provides good control on big waves. The next comes the hybrid rocker which is the most commonly used design which has a curve for the first three-fourths of the board with the remaining one-fourth being flat towards the tail. This design provides both speed as well as better control. The last type is the traditional rocker where the board is completely flat for the whole length expect for a little curve near the nose to prevent it from digging into the sand during entry.

Of late, boards are being built with complex curvatures. These curvatures are made not just along the length of the board but along its cross section along the width as well. The curvatures can be elliptical, spherical or curved in opposite directions as well. The outline of the skim boards have also evolved over time. The emphasis is on providing more control for the rider by giving outlines that are more aggressive. For the best skim boards in town, browse through our extensive collection of high quality skim boards.