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Books are one of the best ways in which to learn a new skill. It is not always possible to get personal training from a pro in person, but it is always possible to get personal attention from them as long as we have one of their books with us so that we can learn from them first hand. Having a book is like having the person with us 24 hours a day and having them teach us whenever we are ready to take our next lesson. We have a series of books that deal with surfing, which would be indispensable for helping you get acquainted with the world of surfing.

One of the best books created for the purpose of promoting surfing among children is the Olas Surfing-Book Series. As parents read the book to their children during bedtime, it helps increase the bond between parent and child. Children can virtually visualize the various moves that they read about in the book. They will also become familiar various terminologies used in surfing circles. As they begin to learn more names and what they mean, their interest in surfing would also grow rapidly. Their understanding about what constitutes surfing would also greatly increase. Their reading and vocabulary skills can be increased together with their knowledge about surfing as they hear their parents read them the book or when they read it themselves.

Surfing's Greatest Misadventures is another book that would be a really good asset in a surfer's collection. The book mentions some of the many true stories about surfing that are sometimes comical, and sometimes terrifying. There are various stories about people were caught in big waves, faced shark attacks, suffered boat wrecks and were even caught in Tsunamis. This is a great book to know about the things involved in surfing.