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For a great surfing experience, you need to be adequately equipped with all the necessary accessories. Things like good boots, hoods and gloves can really enhance your surfing experience to a great degree. Especially for beginners, these aids can come in handy and help them to master the art of surfing much more quickly. These accessories would also provide protection for any kind of abrasion that can occur while surfing. This aspect is all the more important for new surfers who have much greater chances of getting their skin scrapped on sharp or rough edges due to their lack of experience.

The O'Neill Women's MOD 3mm st boot is one of the most comfortable boots ever made! The bottom mid-sole is a very thick coated neoprene panel which gives this boot an extremely soft feel. The boot is made from ultra flex fluid foam material and comes with adjustable Velcro closure. It has an Achilles shield and toe slash. The O'Neill Women's Mod Hood 2mm includes both a hood and chest pieces. Larger or smaller sizes, which are sold seperately, can always be used interchangeably.

The O'Neill Youth Reactor Reef Boots is made from a 2mm neoprene fabric. The super tough sole is suitable for walking on just about anything in the water or land. The sole provides excellent traction which is ideal for exploring slippery places. Providing adequate protection for the soles of the feet is very essential when the foot is underwater. When the skin is exposed to water for extended periods of time, the skin becomes soft and delicate and is easily prone to cuts and bruises. This can lead to infection, which could spoil all the fun. Therefore, it is essential to have boots like the Youth Reactor Reef Boots that provide complete protection for the feet.