Girls Deck Traction Kits

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More Deck Traction Kits:

Water has a lubricating property and all kinds of water sports can be slippery if you don't take adequate precautions. Fortunately, traction kits are available which help provide grip by making use of friction between the textured surface and the human skin.

The Ocean and Earth Paddle Board Grip makes use of 3M adhesive to hold the 6 Eva grip pieces in position. The grip's dimensions are 24.5" x 89" with a linear striped groove pattern. The Dakine Stand-up Paddle Traction has a light weight, grooved Eva that comes in two pad pieces. These pads provide good shock absorption as well as a nice grip. The pads can be customized to your liking.

The OAM Standard Traction Pad is a Stand Up Paddle Board Traction Pad. It features 8 ft of adjustable length, a 7mm arch and a 26mm kick. The OAM Standard Traction Pad comes in 7 separate pieces with four extension pieces. The Ocean & Earth Malibu Longboard Deck Pad features a bevelled square grip pattern, a multipiece grooved and brushed Eva tail pad and a White / Black pattern. The Creatures of Leisure Mick Fanning Pad is a 5 piece pad with increased grip and greater sensitivity. It has also a 7mm arch bar and a knuckle kicktail. The Creatures of Leisure Aaron Cormican Pad is also a 5 piece pad with increased grip and greater sensitivity. The arch bar has a dimension of 5mm.

The OAM General Traction Pad has an 8mm arch support and 26mm kick. It is a signature traction pad designed and tested by OAM's world-class athletes. The OAM Bebe Durbidge Traction Pad is made with thinner, lighter EVA, which provides more grip. The new diamond grid pattern consists of tiny 1/8 thick squares which rest on top of the diamond shaped foundations.