Girls Ding Repair and Board Care

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More Ding Repair and Board Care:

Two types of resins can be used to repair surfboards. They are Polyester resins and Epoxy resins. The type of resin to be used is basically dictated by the type of material used to create the surf board.

Most surf boards are made from polyurethane foam and on these types boards, Polyester resins are to be used. Polyester resins come in two varieties - laminating resin and sanding resin. While the former is used only for laminating cloth, the latter resin can be used for filling cavities in the board as well. The sanding resin has a liquid wax solution that helps harden the resin. This makes it possible to sand the resin later according to any shape. Most dings are therefore repaired using Polyester-sanding resin. This resin works well when it is mixed at a temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit. A readymade form of Polyester resin is also available as SUN CURE TM formula which instantly cures when exposed to sunlight. There is no need to mix or measure and can be used straight from the can onto the board. This formula is available in sanding as well as laminating types and can be used in any temperature.

Epoxy resins on the other hand can be used to repair both Polyester and Epoxy surfboards and are thus known as the "cure-all" resin. Epoxy resin can again be used in both the sanding process as well as the laminating process. The Epoxy resin comes in putty form and can be used for repairing minor dings. This can also be used for replacing broken fins.

Caring well for your board would preserve its life and help you get more out of your board for many years. Keeping your board in good condition would also ensure your own safety as a faulty board can be dangerous to use under extreme surfing conditions. For the best repair and surfboard care products, browse through our online catalogue.