Girls Egg Board

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The egg board is a kind of hybrid board which usually comes in lengths between 6' to 8 1/2 '. It has a more rounded shape in the front nose section as well as the tail, which gives it the name 'egg'. These boards are more suited for beginners and perform ideally in smaller wave conditions. Any kind of fin setup can be used on these boards, since ease of use is the main criterion here as opposed to performance. People who wish to just have fun prefer using the egg board. These boards are much easier to ride, especially for the beginner, and they offer better performance in certain surfing conditions in which other boards may not perform satisfactorily.

The Global Surf Ind. Walden 8' Magic Model Egg has dimensions of 8' length x 22" width x 2 3/4 " thickness. The Magic Model is one of the most sophisticated boards ever designed. This board was initially built in the early 1980s. Becoming the forerunner of the modern longboard, the magic model was way ahead of its time when compared to its contemporaries. For over a quarter of a century, the Original Magic Model has gone through rigorous testing and improvement. Because of this, today it gives unmatched performance. The Magic model is an all around performer and is also a great nose riding board. The Original Magic is recommended for advanced surfers as well as for beginner surfers which makes it unique among surf boards. It also works well in giant surf as well as small surf. The synergy of maneuverability, stability and speed make the egg board model easy to ride. For the best egg boards that the Internet has to offer, browse through our Egg Board catalogue and get the best egg boards for your unique surfing style.