Girls Fun Boards

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Surfboards need not always be drab looking. They can also be made to look more feminine for the use of girl surfers. Pretty looking girls on pretty looking surf boards are a great combination. For the best line up of surfboards for girls, you can go for our top of the line of fun boards.

The Global Surf Ind. NSP 7'6 Surf Betty Funboard is part of the Surf Betty range, which is one of the fastest-growing and best-established line of girls' surfboards. As the name suggests, the board is 7' 6" long, and is a nicely balanced, wonderfully styled tri-fin egg that performs like a gem. This board can be considered as a mini-Longboard for young girls or a mid-sized funboard for girls with more advanced surfing skills. 7'6 Surf Betty Funboard continues to provide great fun for all who ride it. The Global Surf Ind. NSP 7'2 Surf Betty Funboard is suitable for both the entry-level surfer and the experienced female surfer. While the larger full size fun board is7'6" long, the Surf Betty is shorter by 4" with a length of 7'2". Even though the board has slightly smaller dimensions, it still provides stability and good performance as its longer counterpart. The equal distribution of volume and the even flow characteristics enhance the performance capability of this fun board.

The Global Surf Ind. Blue 6'6 Funboard is 6'6" long x 19 5/8" wide x 2 1/2 " thick The single-to-double-concave bottom contour make the Funboard perfect for someone who wants a board which they can use for learning as well as continue to use after they have mastered the basics. This kind of board also offers more control and excitement than a Mini long board. So if you are looking for great looking fun boards, select from our wide choice that also give you great performance.