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In the early days of surfing, before the surfboard leash was incorporated, runaway board caused a lot of concern among surfers. It is quite easy for surfers to get dislodged from their board by a big wave and for the board could easily get out of reach from the surfer. This is especially true with new surfers who do not possess the experience to tackle such situations. A board that is lost can drift aimlessly in the waves and then become a dangerous obstacle in the paths of other surfers and swimmers. Many of the long boards come with fairly sharp nose points that can cause considerable damage to person or property during a hard impact. Inexperienced surfers who were not adept at swimming in the ocean have also drowned on account of losing their boards.

This prompted the use of leashes to keep the board tied to the surfer at all times so that the board does not get lost and hurt others and at the same time allow the surfer to be able to be afloat using the board without the possibility of drowning. There have however been occasions of drowning on account of the leash getting entangled in surfers legs and keeping them underwater, but these have been stray incidences. On the whole, the addition of a leash to the surfboard and been an important innovation to surfing.

Due to the popularity of surfing, many beaches that have good wave and surf conditions have become quite crowded. It is therefore quite possible for surfers to come in each others paths while surfing at high speed. To prevent damage to both the surfer and the surf board, nose guards have been implemented. For the best leashes and nose guards for your surf boards, browse through our extensive collection and choose ones that suit your requirements.