Girls Multi-Board Travel Bags

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More Multi-Board Travel Bags:

A surf board is quite an expensive investment that needs to be protected with extreme care. The surface of a surf board needs to be protected at all times from any kind of abrasion in order to keep the surface smooth which would in turn provide the best performance characteristics. If you possess more than one surfboard, it is all the more important to protect your investment securely especially while traveling to the beach and back. There are travel bags specially built for carrying multiple surf boards at the same time.

The Prolite Wheeled Coffin Shortboard Multi Travel Bag can hold any where from 4 - 7 boards. It comes with molded non-corrosive zippers and multiple interior pockets for storing accessories or fins. It has a front shoulder strap system for easy travel. It also comes with interior seat belt straps for safety. It comes with external pockets for storing wax or vehicle keys. A large exterior storage pocket is also provided for tie down straps.

The Creatures of Leisure Multi Wheely 7'6 bag can take from 2 to 4 surf boards at a time. It comes in a heat reflective silver poly fabric. For people with more than a single board, this travel bag is a real lifesaver. A day use cover is also provided separately along with the bag, which is another great convenience. Pockets for storing either surf wax or fins make this an ideal bag while traveling.

The Dakine Ultimate Traveler Bag can carry up to 7 surf boards. It comes with a heat-reflecting energy shield top and bottom. It also has a heavy-duty, corrosion-proof, wrap-around zipper for easy use. It comes with high quality wheels set in a structural hull for easy carting. The super-soft padded shoulder strap helps while carrying more boards in the bag.