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When nostalgia strikes and you want to try out some of the boards based on older designs, you can go for our retro boards. It is a good way to reminisce the old times and have a fairly good idea of how it felt when people in yesteryears to do surfing with these boards. So go back in time and get a feel of the past technologies using our top of the line retro boards.

The Becker Versa Plane 5 has all the benefits of a twin, quad, twinzer, and tri fin in one board, hence the name VersaPlane that stands for versatile planing surface. It is an incredibly versatile board for all wave types and is a new twist on the proven fish designs. The Becker Versa Plane 5 uses the probox fin system, which allows for adjustable cant angles and 1/4 of ply for forward and rear fin placement. The entry and exit rocker using old school design are for great paddling speed. A double wing swallow is used to assist in release through turns and down the line stability.

The Becker Old School Fish Surfboard is extremely agile and gives super fast performance. You need to think fast and be ready to move even faster on this retro board. This short and wide design helps pick up waves with relative ease. Since you hardly need any wave power to run it, it just flies well even in smaller waves. This is one good design from the old times that gives great thrills even today.

The T. Patterson T.Patterson Retro Quad, though a retro board everything updated for better performance. It has a flat rocker and single to double concave bottom for superior speed. The full outline and wide swallow tail and an optional bat tail are extremely loose enable different approaches on every wave.