Girls Single Board Travel Bags

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Surf boards are highly complex pieces of precision engineered components that need good care and protection during storage and transportation. Most surfboards are highly expensive and that all the more makes it mandatory to keep them safe from damage. Any kind of damage would not only decrease the performance of the board, but it would also be an enormous waste of money that could have been easily prevented through the use of proper travel bags to store the surf board during transportation.

The Prolite Rhino Single Paddleboard Travel Bag is designed for surfers who need to transport just one board. It has a collapsible gusset with Velcro to secure the board. It comes with padded deluxe shoulder straps to help soften the load on the shoulders. It has a molded rubber handle for extra durability. It also comes with an inner storage pocket to store other sundry items along with the board. It also comes with a pocket on the outside to store wax or your vehicle keys. The travel bag also comes with a vent to allow airflow to keep your board cool. The vent can be closed if required.

The Dakine Reacon II Noserider features a durable polyester top. The bag has a 5mm divider and 3/8" closed cell foam for maximum protection. The bag comes with heavy-duty, corrosion-proof, wrap-around zippers. It also has a removable shoulder strap with stash pocket and a pocket for storing wax or fins. The Ocean & Earth Heavyweight LB Bag features a 600D polyester fabric with a 10mm waterproof padding. It has a protective nosepiece on both sides and an external pocket for storing additional accessories. The bag comes with a non -orrosive nylon zipper, a detachable shoulder strap, a removable storage hook and an internal wax or fin bag. If you are looking for single board travel bags, these are some of the best models to consider.