Girls Slippers

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If you want to pamper and feet with a soft and luxurious pair of slippers, go for our unique set of high quality range of women's slippers. Our designs are made from some of the finest materials to really pamper your feet with luxury with their soft feel. The Sweater scuffette slippers come with fully lined high quality sheepskin for that extra softness. This model features an updated cork infused rubber outsole for better endurance. If you cannot bear to take them off, you can feel free to wear them outside too. The rubber outsole is specifically made for better endurance even when used outdoors. The range of colors that this model comes in helps you get a perfect match for your outfits.

Our slippers are so comfortable to wear that you would want to go to bed wearing them. And we have named some of our slippers appropriately. The Reef Sleep In Slippers for instance is made specifically for this purpose. It features a rubber outsole and a multi color knit top. To top it all, it has a metal logo for that chic look. It helps you keep your feet warm and comfortable, we know you would not want to take them off ever. The Reef Snowbird Slippers also features a similar design and comes with rubber outsoles, a multi color knit top, and a metal logo.

Some of our models even have a wool lining for that extra warmth. The Reef Igloo moccasin for instance features a unique Reef pattern, and there is wool lining in the insole. The Reef Snooze Bar 2 Slippers also has an interior lining and features a multi color knit design, a fur trim and a patch logo on the top. For an exclusive cozy feel, go for our top of the line collection of slippers and spoil your feet with luxurious comfort.