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Surfboard wax or Surfwax as it is also known is a special formulation that consists of natural and/or synthetic wax. The surfboard is normally waxed in order to help the surfer stay on the board and not slip off the board while surfing. A mixture of bees wax, paraffin wax, or other hard waxes is used in the making of Surfwax. The addition of other scents like bubblegum and coconut give the wax a pleasant scent. Petroleum jelly is sometimes added to soften the wax. In some compositions, purely organic substances like hemp oil, coconut oil, bees wax, tree pulp, pine resin and natural essential oils are used to make Surfwax. Surfwax usually comes in different varieties, each optimized for the climatic conditions of certain areas, which also take into account the temperature of water in the nearby coasts. A number of brands and makes are available from Surfwax manufacturers.

Once applied, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to remove the wax from the once before storing it away. Scraping the wax off the surface of the board is one popular technique. Some surfers let the board stay out in the sun for about ten minutes to melt the wax. They then spread beach sand over the board and then rub the sand off the board to completely remove the wax. Most surfers endorse these methods over using chemical solvents to remove the wax, which can also damage the surface of the board or the paint job.

The Surf wax Wax Container Kit is a very popular brand that comes with a wax comb that help you do the job without a lot of mess. The Surfmore XM Firewater comes in a 8oz. container which safely melts and rinses all surf wax, resins, adhesives, tars and any dirt left over.