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Building a perfect surfboard is both an art and a science. The surfboard not only has to perform well, but it also has to have a trendy look. These days, more and more surfers want to make their surf boards look extremely flashy and prefer to use designer boards to project their individuality. Gone are the days when surfboards were just made of plain wood and had no colors or any sort of decoration on them. Nowadays, surfers want their surfboards to look as attractive as possible and at the same time provide them with superior performance to help them make seemingly impossible moves in the water.

To achieve these high standards required by today's surfers, a number of specialized tools are used by skilled workers to craft the surfboards to exacting specifications. Both the tools used for shaping the surfboards as well as the skilled artisans that do the shaping are called 'Shapers'. In other words, the people who craft and shape the board as well as the tools used by them in their work are known as shapers. Finding these skilled craftsmen who make excellent boards is much more difficult that finding the tools which they use. While the tools used for shaping a surfboard are mass produced, the people are not!

Earlier, all surfboards were made from wood. Then came pre-formed polyurethane blanks, also known as styrofoam which were shaped by the craftsman using a variety of shaping tools including sanding machines, rasps, surforms and power planers. Since wooden surfboards are an eco friendly alternative to these other synthetic materials, they are slowly making a comeback in this eco conscious age. If you are looking for the best shapers for your custom-built surf boards, visit our 'Shapers' page and choose the ones you prefer.