Girls Swim Fins

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Although the human body is not made for moving well in water, there are add-ons that have been developed based on aquatic creatures' features that help humans to move around underwater with relative ease. The flipper is one such innovation that has immensely helped swimmers to propel themselves underwater without much effort. We have a unique collection of swim fins to help you achieved unparalleled ease of movement while swimming.

The Viper Swim Fins are a high performance surfing fin for the intermediate to advanced body boarder or body surfer. With a patented blade design these swim fin's have superior american rubber compounds that result in unmatched thrust, speed and control. One of the biggest advantages is that these fins float!

The Laguna Fin Co. The Surf II Swim Fin features a high-powered fin with computer designed blade angles that deliver maximum mobility & stability. The fin also has neoprene foot pockets and the blade angles prevent ankle torque and help create a powerful thrust for the swimmer. The fin also comes with adjustable instep & heel straps, which are textured. It also has anti-slip sole with flush vents and the blades have calibrated side ribs that extend above & below the blade's planning surface for enhanced water channeling. This feature also adds strength to the blade length and prevents unwanted distortion while the swimmer uses powerful kicks to propel forward.

The O'neill Fin sock pair is a Neoprene fin footliner that is almost like the socks we wear for shoes. We also have the Block Surf Fin Tethers, which are fully adjustable neoprene padded nylon tethers that keep your fins on even when you are moving fast underwater. For all your swimming accessory needs, come to us for the best products in the industry.