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Where are the best surfing beaches?

Surf's up and you want to hit the waves - but where are you more likely to find the right conditions to go surfing? Every surfer will offer up a different opinion, but here are some of the most popular places to enjoy good surf.

1. With a nod to the home of surfing and the rich culture that gave birth to the sport - Waikiki, Hawaii is one of *the* best places to find surf. With waves up to 20ft and near perfect weather year round, this is one place you simply have to try. Clear water and conditions that are favorable for beginners through to pros makes Waikiki a real mecca. For the absolute best "breaks" you need to visit between May and September.

2. Close second, if not equal to Waikiki, is Papara Beach, Tahiti - this is another "home" of surfing and you will also find waves 20ft and more. Picture postcard scenery and amazing weather means this destination is one you won't want to miss. More suited to the experienced surfer the best conditions will be found between November and April.

3. You have to be a surfer to enjoy and make the most of this destination because there is not much else to occupy your time. Jeffery's Bay, South Africa is where Billabong holds it's annual surfing festival and here you can enjoy a constant stream of 8ft waves and just about perfect temperatures. Best conditions are from May to August with the festival being held in July.

4. How about Tamarindo, Costa Rica? Largest waves here are around 9ft and the beach stretches on and on. It is also a top destination for tourists between October and March and is fast becoming commercialised - but there is still some excellent surfing and you can ride the waves from April through July.

5. Heard of Black's Beach, San Diego? This spot is another that has some monster waves and is best saved for those with experience. Wind action doesn't cause any hassles until later in the day and it is an ideal spot for lefts or rights.

6. Sleep fishing village in Brazil? Not your first thought when looking for a good surfing beach, yet this area has 23 beaches that caters to just about everyone's needs and proficiency level. December through February are the best months and this area has a lot to offer making it a favorite destination for those who like a little night life after their day in the waves.

7. Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia is exactly what it's name says. Although busy everyone who surfs here says the wait is well worth it. You will find the best and biggest waves at two times of year - March through June and September through December.

8. Huntington Beach - other wise known as Surf City, USA is said to have the perfect waves, curling in exactly the right way and topping out at 10ft. While Hollywood would have us believe that you need to surf through the summer here it is actually the winter months that provide the best surf, according to the locals.

9. What about the Canary Islands, more specifically Lanzarote - this area is where you will find Europe's best surf. Waves may not be huge but they roll in consistently and the weather is perfect November through February when you will catch the biggest waves. Warm clear waters see many surfers returning again and again.

10. Last but not least - Kandahar Beach, Mexico - where you can surf 15ft waves and conditions in the area provide surfing for novices through to the most experienced. To make the most of all the different kinds of surf you will need the use of a car.

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