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Top Ten Surfing Beaches Around the World

1. Kirra, Australia - Right in the heart of Aussie surfing territory so you need to strive to catch that wave amongst some of the world's best surfers. May through August is the best time to go when the cyclone swell produces a wave that seems to go on forever. On land you can find the clubs and nightspots of Surfer's Paradise along the Gold Coast, or if you are into something quieter the subtropical forests and hills are further inland. New South Wales is also worth a visit.

2. Puerto Chicama, Peru - Harsh and barren this is one for the hardcore surfers with what is claimed to be the longest left-break wave in the world. It is possible to achieve a ride of over one half mile. With very little by way of modern amenities this won't appeal to everyone but the best time to go to find the warmest water temperatures is November through April. If you are looking for something to do on land then just south of Trujillo you will find the Moche pyramids which are the largest pre-Columbian buildings in South America. The Andes foothills are definitely worth seeing but you also have to bear in mind the dangers posed by terrorists and local bandits.

3. Canary Islands, Spain - Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are popular destinations for European tourists and so can get a little crowded but there is a nice selection of point and reef breaks. You can charter a yacht to take you to the more remote areas of Lobos and La Graciosa which have point breaks that are suitable for all ability levels. October through March finds the big swells which are pretty consistent. Out of the water you will find some amazing sand dunes on Fuerteventura, much like the Sahara - and on Lanzarote there is a volcanic National Park, Timanfaya, and theawesome sightsfrom the Mirador del Rio shouldn't be missed.

4. South Pacific - Too many to mention! If you are able to charter a yacht to go to the islands and reefs then you can find the most perfect, never before surfed, reef breaks. All year round is the time to be there. When not surfing those crystal clear waves then there is snorkelling, diving, swimming or chilling on the boat. Not much to do but relax!

5. Hossegor, Cote D'Argent, France - This one is suitable for every level, whether you are beginner or an experienced surfer. Local competitions are held here and surfers from all over the globe come. It can get a little crowded but you can avoid this by avoiding the main breaks. Warm water is found between August and October but if you want to visit when it is quieter then Spring is the time for you. When not surfing there is plenty here with hiking and bike riding in the Pyrenees further inland - resort town of Biarritz and the historic city of Bayonne to the south and plenty of villages and lakes to the north.

6. Thurso, Scotland - perhaps not an obvious choice but this is the place to experience cold water surfing. Not for beginners or the less experienced you enter the water over slabs of rock and the right hand reef break is fast, tubular and heavy. Good wetsuit is a must! Short season of August and September for the warmest water temperature. Out of the water you can find the most unspoiled coastline in Europe if you drive west to Cape Wrath. You will also find some beach breaks more suited to the novice surfer.

7. Sunset Beach, USA - Experts only in this area famous for the Banzai Pipeline. The Pipe Masters is held here for pros. November through March will find the deepest swells. Honolulu and Pearl Harbor are worthwhile visits as is the Big Island.

8. Jeffreys Bay, South Africa - You will find that Jeffreys Bay lives up to it's reputation for the world's best right hand point break. Consistent from May through September this is an area for intermediate to expert surfers. Dangers here range from crowding to the sharks. Dolphins are a common sight. Underwater trails for divers and snorkelers can be found to the south inTsitsikamma Coastal Park and Storms Rivermouth.

9. Mundaka, Spain - September and October are the best months although you can find waves all winter long. This area has Europe's longest left hand break - fast and cold, you will need a wetsuit. Approximately ten miles east is Bilbao, where you will find the new Guggenheim museum. The coastline is ideal for biking or hiking and you will find plenty of Basque fishing villages scattered around.

10. Uluwatu, Bali - This one has a fast, left hand reef break - ideal for all you goofy foot riders from good to expert level. Picturesque in that the wave breaks over a coral reef at the base of a cliff on which sits a Hindu temple. January through August offers the best time to go and Bali is a Hindu nation with rituals from Polynesia, where surfing was born.

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